Charrissa’s Restorations & Renovations

Charrissa’s newest house restoration is featured on HGTV, in her new show, Restoring Salem. Together, with her partner, Mike Becker, they restore a first-period antique to its once, grand stature complete with modern day amenities. Charrissa has a passion for restoring old homes and bringing them back to their former glory. She has always had an eye for design and adores pocket doors, original trim, exposed brick and old chimneys and most important, post and beam houses!

See below for Charrissa’s Restoration work:

The 1900’s Salem Gem:

From demo day to the final touches, this 1900’s gem of a property is finally restored and looking magnificent! Its been a busy year with this 3-unit condo conversion in Salem MA. The entire building was completely rehabbed. From design/layout to plumbing and electric, and kitchen and bath renovations and custom lighting, its going to be hard to part with this one! I am crushed to sell it as i’ve seen this project develop from an old and worn distressed property to a restored beautiful gem. I knew from the moment I saw this property that it would be a diamond in the rough and today,  it sparkles.

My favorite rooms in this restored conversion are the half baths in units 1 and 2.  The half baths were originally connected to the kitchens as pantries that were used for storage. Today you can’t find pantries like this – from the detailed finish work and the woods that were used to the amazing 1900’s hardware that still works on all the cabinets and drawers!  We added plumbing to both pantries and created what you see today – half baths with vessel sinks that look amazing! We also painstakingly restored the original pocket doors in units 1 and 2 and restored those gorgeous fir hardwood floors!

Loved this project for its character and charm and love it now for how beautiful it has become! It will forever be one of my faves.

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Modernizing an 1800s Multifamily:

Mike and I worked together to condoize this multi-family in Salem MA. We bought the property as a multi-family and converted it to 3 condos for sale. My favorite part of this old lady was the grand staircase and those gorgeous hardwood floors! The entire house consisted of new plumbing, electrical, HVAC ductwork and took us a long time to restore. Here are some pics of our renovation and staging/design choices:

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The Cute Little Salem House that Could:

Mike and I worked on a project that was the custest house we have every done. I really fell in love with this one. It was hard to let it go. I truly considered buying it after we renovated it! Here we really focused on design/layout and bringing the house up to plumbing code by adding a full bath and renovating the existing bath. All new paint and updated trim/appliances made it sparkle. And of course, anywhere we could find brick, we exposed it!

Shillaber_0003 Shillaber_0008 Shillaber_0009 Shillaber_0027 Shillaber_0028 Shillaber_0030

The James Barr Carriage House, 1759, Cocoa Merchant

One of my favorite restorations of all time is our 1700’s carriage house. The property was literally falling over when we purchased it. With some time, love and perseverance we were able to bring this beautiful carriage house back to its original splendor. Besides all the structural work we did, we added a new kitchen and bath, insulated, added new plumbing and electric and cathedraled the ceiling. My favorite part are those gorgeous beams!


The Benjamin Crombie House, Built in 1820. 

The Benjamin Crombie House, built in 1820 is rich with histroy and located in the McIntyre historic district of Salem MA. One of my favorite all-time renovations, here you can find the original bee-hive oven, original and restored pumpkin-pine floor boards and 2 fireplace mantles that have been said to be carved by Samuel McIntyre. Besides the fabulous location, the home itself is filled with historic charm and has historic deed restrictions on how/what you are able/allowed to renovate. What does this mean? It means that renovations take twice as long, is twice as expensive but the rewards are amazing! Take a look for yourself…look at that amazing restored chimney in the kitchen! We did so much to this charming property and we are so happy with how it turned out!



Prospect Hill, Beverly MA 1900s:

This renovation/restoration was very extensive. However, it was well worth the wait. This gorgeous 2-family home needed extensive work: kitchens, bathrooms, basement, attic and exterior renovation. Look how this 1900’s gem turned out! What a beauty.





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