Buying a House at Auction – On-line

Yes, that correct. You can seriously buy a house on-line, at auction – much like Ebay! This is how it works- just bid and if you are the highest bidder you win!!

Here is what they don’t tell you upfront – there are fees you will pay  to the negotiating company outside of your purchase price. The auction house hires a negotiating company that you as a buyer will work with at the beginning of the process.

Here is my story. I have had a 3-family home under agreement for the past 3-4 months through an online auction house called I still have not closed as there is a title issue and I have been waiting. In this case, I am paying a 5% buyers premium to the negotiating company! So, if my purchase price is 363,000, I am paying an extra 18,150 on top of my 363,000. But, truth be told, i’m fine with paying the premium! That’s because I know the market and know that the purchase price is way more than justified. But, be SURE to run title before you commit to any contract!

So, what is a girl to do? Wait. That’s right, I will wait. That’s because I am getting a great deal.

And if you can, work with an agent in your area to find these deals, no matter how long you need to wait! They can be very lucrative.