Most real estate companies do not typically obtain short sale listings unless they have been in the short sale game for some time. And, some companies use an outside third party to negotiate their shorts. These third party negotiators typically charge either the buyer or the seller a fee.  This fee along with a lack of personal attention further reduces the likeliness of the short sale being approved. This is because not many agents know the short sale process or even care to complete a short sale. Shorts are a ton of work for agents and sometimes these sales are not very lucrative for the agent because they can take so much time. Thankfully for our short sale clients, we know what we are doing and have an amazing track record.

We have been working with short sales before they were termed ‘short sales’. Our company does specialize in them. However, we also work on conventional sales and foreclosures.

If you feel as though it is necessary to short sale your home, please get in touch with me.

Check out additional reading here on our company page, for further information regarding short sales:



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