Why Staging a House is Different than Plain Old Decorating


When it comes to selling a house, you want to stage or redesign your home. Staging a home is very much about furniture placement, traffic flow, focal points, room usage and deterring from the not-so-great features of a home while accentuating the positive.

The purpose of staging is for the buyer to visualize them self living in the home, while understanding the use of every room as they tour the home.

Sometimes buyers have trouble understanding the function of a certain room, or sometimes cant visualize their own furniture placement. This is where a good stager can help. A good stager will help the buyer to understand their own furniture placement and that weird nook that has no use? The stager will find a reason for its existence.

Take a look at this great article written by the Home Staging Resource:


Also if you are selling your home, check out these tips:


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